Thursday, November 19, 2009

My own small steps towards change

So I feel as if I have been putting a lot of things off. Work has taken over a large portion of my life for the last four months. Before that was grad school, with barely a moment to think. There are really small things that I want to accomplish and that weigh on my mind. I am thinking about trying to tackle one a day, so little by little I can can feel back on track.

-Get back to drinking tea (just bought a tea kettle tonight!) - starting very very small, I have been drinking too much coffee and wasting too much money. So starting tomorrow will try to start drinking tea again. It helps me not get too hyper and then crash/burn

-Clean house top to bottom. Hire a housekeeper to get the place back to shape where it was before my life was sucked up with school and all.

-Get back into a hobby. There are lots that I used to really enjoy and eventually would like to get back involved with all of them but want to start with one first.
Hobbies - painting/violin/Spanish lessons/dance lessons/scrapbooking/martial arts

-Start a morning work out routine again.

-Get in touch with music...can't remember the last cd I bought

-travel - even small trips like maybe to the Grand Canyon or something. Love and miss road trips

-Do a hand stand in yoga! For some reason scares the bezuses out of me.

-Beat a video game on my own! I always get stuck on some point and don't finish. I have so many half finished games.

-Find a placement to get my hours. Saturday 11/21 I went to an info session at San Fernando Valley Counseling Center. I really liked it there. They are very low key and I love that they provide you with some much training and support. I'm going to submit my application there.

Giving thanks

Taking an inventory right now of my life, I am very happy and feel so much gratitude for the people and opportunities I have in my life. It feels me with gigantic warmth when I think about my wonderful husband, home, friends, my job which I feel very passionate about, my health, my drive, my creativity, etc. It is really good to be in a place in my life where I can just slow down and be grateful. That is why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday while although the history of Thanksgiving itself has some scary roots with the Pilgrims/Indians not being such bosom buddies as they are made out to be. Thanksgiving is about stopping and being grateful for everything we have in our lives. This is something I try to acknowledge every day. Perhaps it is because of the work that I do but I really do appreciate every moment I have with those I love as life is fleeting and can change in an instant.

So when things are becoming overwhelming just breathe in all the love and warmth that you have in your life and give thanks.