Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to my primary purpose of this blog

My primary purpose of this blog was to bring up political/social/environmental issues that I feel passionate about and small ways in which I am trying to make a difference. I feel that I have been terribly out of the loop lately. I did just get back from my social action committee meeting at the U.U. church I belong to. We have been trying to develop a way to create a volunteer directory and pretty much get people off their butts and doing something. We had a service titled, service is our prayer and I think it got people thinking about the ways that they can effect change. Other than that I have been thinking a lot about the principles of my community psychology specialization and how I can influence the work that I do. One thing that I have found was that there is a serious lack of clothing at the hospital. Patients actually sometimes run around in gowns or the same clothes the whole week because they don't have anything else. This I see as harming the dignity of the individual. Everyone should have access to appropriate clothing. Administration wants to have a clothing drive which is wonderful but there is just so much clothes you can wring from the same pile of employees. I actually touched base with Buffalo Exchange which buys/trades clothes. They are willing to donate if someone picks up the clothes and if we send a letter of intent. I have shared this with administration which they were excited about and said they would do the letter. Its been like a week now and still nothing. I feel a need to help push this through and am thinking about writing the letter and to other local businesses that might be also willing to donate clothes. My little mission....


Portia Reddy said...

Hey did anything ever come of this endeavor?

If not let me know what you need and I can see if the Agency I am at would donate their overflow. Being in Burbank we get lots of donations and some of it we just can't store or donate fast enough to families.

So if you are still in need let me know.

It would be great to create an ACP type program that connects needy agencies with clothing companies like Buffalo.

Saroja said...

haha just getting to your comment now. Yeah we could definitely use it! Some people at work were talking of trying to develop a better system of getting clothes/supplies to people. Think it would definitely be a great ACP endeavor!