Friday, September 25, 2009

So much to say

Really want to get back on track with updating my blog. I feel that there is so much going on in the world right now. Its almost difficult to know where to start. I feel very passionately about the healthcare reform debate, the environment, politics, etc. Where to even start? I feel that we are on the brink of something. I have heard the clicking of the tracks as we have clicked to the top, we are looking over the edge but we need to just let go of all our differences and fear. Our society in America seems so permeated with fear right now. Its thick with the stuff. Its a different kind of fear. With Bush we had the constant fear of attack. I think the Bush administration encouraged this. It sure played a huge part in Bush's re-election. Now the fear has become more personal. Instead of fear of a general attack, people are afraid that their way of life will be changed forever. Well it will be but this doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. We should never go back to the way we were. Just over consuming with our heads down, only thing of our individual needs. There are broader wide spread concerns. Universal health care has to happen and if done right it will help to dig us out of our economic downfall. I have known to many people that have died needlessly due to no coverage. Our voice has become very important now. Now is the time to speak up and say what we want, ears are listening. I appreciate Obama's open door policy and openness to criticism of his policies. Healthcare reform is going to happen but what happens is also up to the American people if we just open our mouths and heart about what is truly best for everyone.

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