Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What is causing our recession?

A lot of things have led up to our current recession. A huge impact has been our ongoing war for the last 8 years in Iraq. We are borrowing money every day to fund our ongoing war. Each day we are getting more and more into debt. The American dollar has also hit an all time low. States have had to draw back on state and federal services because of the crunch and this results in more poverty, homelessness, and more people being without adequate medical care. Where I live in California we are spending over $3 at the pump. Buying gas on my student budget has become more and more difficult. I wonder about people that are having a worse time. How can they even afford gas to go to work. This is not a healthy economy! It is darkely amusing that Republicans blame Democrats for increased taxes and debt but it has been both Bush's who have done us the worst harm.

I just sent off a letter to the L.A. Times through Moveon.org. It is a great site if you are not subscribed to it. It makes being politically active much more easy.

This is the letter I'm sending:

We don't need to find people in need across the world. The poor, the disenfranchised, the sick, and starvation are here in the US! Do you think anyone will come running to our aid after the foreign policy that we have created in the world? Other countries will enjoy seeing us weakened and no longer considered the most powerful country in the world. I know it is hard to admit we were wrong but how much will our pride cost?

We need to leave Iraq now before it’s too late. Take care of the people at home.


Anonymous said...

I first of all agree with you on some accounts, but we are forgetting that we can't put blame on just one person. As a country we have done things to account for this recession. We have spent money on homes, cars, etc., when we didn't have money in the bank. We took out loans expecting to pay them back when we didn't actually have this money. This is similar to what led to the Great Depression in the 30s. People wanted to live the fabulous life style, but didn't realize that by taking out all this fake money, they were actually shooting themselves in the foot.

I just think it's wrong for Republicans to blame Democrats, and Democrats to blame Republicans. As long as we keep blaming each other and the past presidents, this problem will not go away. It's time to step up now and do what we can together, because we all contributed to this problem.

Saroja said...

That is very true, sometimes as parties we get to focused on what seperates us and not what connects us. I once saw this cartoon of an animal that was half elephant (Republican) and half donkey (Democrat). I'd love to find that image because I felt it was so symbolic of what we need to do to actually get anywhere. If we could only reserve the energy that we expel trying to make our own points and make a combined effort, things would be very different.