Thursday, January 31, 2008

Passion versus Experience

In Obama speeches we hear about the country we wish we lived in. We want to have the passion and pride in this country as he does. We want to unite what has divided us and see opportunity where none has been seen before. I believe Obama has the vision and passion to awaken the American people from their numb sleep filled with American Idol, and whatever distraction holds our attention for a moment. Agree on many of his policies but even more importantly I believe him when he speaks I think that is the first time I can say that in relation to a politician What he speaks is full of his conviction and his truth. During the Democratic debate tonight in California, the camps for both Obama and Clinton were about equal according to reporters. They were speculating which candidate the supporters of John Edwards would support. I had been up to very recently, focused on Edwards' campaign. I did because it felt like more than a campaign of one person. We were equal in our power to create change. I feel the people that supported Edwards could become great supporters of Obama but Edwards's mission might not end with his campaign as his cause has become thousands of peoples' cause. I am more excited about this coming voting day as I have ever really been except when I thought perhaps we had a chance of yanking Bush out of the White House.

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