Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Birthday Experiment!!

These last couple of years have been such a struggle but I have grown by so many lengths but it has been such a whirl that I haven't had the chance to actually process any of it. Of course my essence and true self hasn't changed all that much. If anything I have been working steadily and mostly unaware to vanish the barriers to connect to my true self. I have snapped the weights off my heart regarding any past regrets and feel like I'm grateful and compassionate of the old pain for it has resulted in who I am today. I haven't gotten here alone. Everything I have achieved has been because of the amazing people in my life. The support I have received from my family, friends, and most of all my husband has been soo vital in my survival and in my growth. It is amazing when two people can support each other on a path and I have been so lucky to have such a supportive husband who has encouraged me to reach for the stars.
So now I have completed my masters in psychology and I am about to turn 30 years old. I felt this energy building in me to really demonstrate the changes I have been feeling in my life, reflect on my past that has gotten me here to this wonderful place, and prepare for the future. I have created a birthday experiment, which I like to call it, to give me the opportunity to process all the wonderful craziness that has occurred while including the amazing people that have been a part of it. I've asked 30 of the women in my life that have had some of the biggest impact in my life to give me ideas for rituals/blessings/ceremonies/activities to do 30 days up to my 30th birthday. In many cultures there are ceremonies or rights of passage when someone takes that next step in there life. I am grateful that I have amazing women in my life that are supporting my journey to the next step of womanhood. In this blog I would like to record as best as possible my process including all the feelings and thoughts that all these experiences will evoke. I am so grateful for all those that will follow on these journey with me..........................

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