Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dream achieved?

Clinton's interview with Major Garrett brought some racial issues to the table. There has been some sparring back and forth between Clinton and Obama regarding this issue. In the interview Clinton stated that she believes that Mr. King's dream has been achieved.

In retrospect we can review our history and see how far we have come but it is dangerous and detrimental to our further actions to abolish racial hate to think that we can smack our hands together and say we've done a good job and move on. There is still so much that is unconscious on many levels. It is sublimated and in someways that is more dangerous because it doesn't give us a platform in which to speak about the issue.

It is an ugly thing to admit that racism still permeates almost all areas of our life. Discrimination for jobs, protions, politics, renting, etc. I have a friend that is in a biracial relationship and she continues to feel that she has to constantly defend her relationship to the rest of the world. Does this sound like we are living in a world where race is not longer an issue?

Get on the soapbox with me, what do you think?

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