Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Small Steps to Change

People seem to view the world's problems in a few ways. One option is to become so enraged and overwhelmed from the horrors of the world that as one of my teachers says, you end up on the couch watching survivor drinking a beer. Another option is to become avoidant and embittered to prevent from becoming entrenched in the horrors of the world. This also results in sitting with a beer watching survivor but with no emotional pains before. It is quite easy to just feel like shutting down when we try to ingest all the world's problems. The Secret is not so enlightening:

Change has to come in very small steps and is much stronger when it has the strength of a community behind it. We don't need to wait for a charismatic leader to step forward. Change can't hinge on the actions of one man.

Here I am dedicating this blog to outlining small steps to change.

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