Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cleaning made greener and more fun?

Method – "Sells cleaning products, soaps, and fragrances that are biodegradable, comes in yummy flavors like grapefruit, cucumber, and lavender. All recycled and recyclable packaging, and not tested on animals. "

I initially thought about getting method because I have cats and I wanted something safe to spray that wouldn't be toxic to them. I ordered online some products until I realized that Target now sells them. They smell great, are in really interesting packaging, and actually good on your sink. The prices are really reasonable which is one of the major reasons it seems that people hesitate to make changes in their products. Some people rave about the mop but I don't like it. It falls apart too easily. I had it after a couple of months and it broke. Instead of going back to the evil Swifter I bought a mop from Real Simple brand. I use the method ginger-lemon floor cleaner and just rewash the mop sponge that detaches.


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