Thursday, March 12, 2009

30 Rituals

So the responses started coming in right away. I was so amazed by the creativity and thought that went into each one.

I am also taking this time to take some inventory of my life, cleaning our apartment because it soo needs it and symbolic of cleaning out the old, journaling, reading inspirational books, am going to start a detox program, and a home exercise program.

Books I'm reading: Women that Run with Wolves

The Four Agreements by Ruiz and Succulant Wild Woman by Sark.

I am still soo open for recommendations for good books to help me in this self awareness project.

**Wow** The responses were amazing and total over 30 so I will be combining some to one day so I will be able to do all of them. Stay tuned and I'll update you on my experiences!
1. Jenna
(Help a total stranger)DONE
"I'm sure this is something you already do. But I think for mine, I would like you to help a total stranger in need. If you see someone in the grocery store and they can't reach something. Offer to help them. Or if you see someone that looks confused. Try to help them. All within reason of course. I want you to be safe and not talk to people that look they could hurt you. Or even strike up a polite conversation with someone that doesn't look like they are having a good day. Sometimes it's the little things that happen in your day that could turn the whole day around. Just be yourself. :)"

2. Deborah
(Sun/Beach ritual)DONE
"Here is a ritual I have that I will share with you as it is has brought me much peace and perspective over time.
I walk or ride to the beach (you can drive) with my camera and/or my journal to watch the sun go down. As I watch I look intently at everything I see, I breathe in the salty air and smile to myself. I see the massive power and mystery of the ocean and realize how big and expansive the world is. I see the beauty of the sand, the sky, the birds, the dolphins, the happy people also appreciating the paradise we live in.

In these moments, I cannot help but to think of what I am grateful for. My feelings of gratitude rise up organically through my heart. Sometimes I silently thank god and the universe, sometimes I write or try to capture an image with my camera. I say thank you to the sun for another day as I kiss it goodbye for the night. I always come away full and centered and happy."

3. Megan
(Hike to a new spot)
"Ok mine is going for a hike at a place you have never been. You can take in the new scenery, fresh air, and do something good for your body." :)

4. Kristine
(Act like a kid!)DONE
"I say that you start working on making me an aunt! Or go to a park and ride the swings. After I turned 30, I developed motion sickness and it's gotten increasingly worse. I definitely cannot ride swings anymore...Do it now while it's still fun and it will remind you of being a child."

5. Portia
(Renewal yoga class) DONE
"Ohhhhh I already have ours!!!! I would like to aid in furthering your yoga practice and share a piece of my yoga practice with you. Its Sunday night restorative yoga at Yoga Blend in Burbank. It’s a series of healing and de-stressing poses to start your week off just right so what better way to start your new year and next stage of life off. I would also love to do some of the workshops with you but I am not fit enough."

Restorative - For anyone wanting to de-stress and renew their entire being, this soothing class is a great choice. Restorative yoga works with the nervous system and the endocrine system to bring the body into a state of balance and relaxation. Props are used to further support the body, realign the spine and deepen this relaxed state.

6. Susanna
(Inspire a child or an elderly person) DONE
“My task for you is related to when we volunteered at the YMCA: Intrigue either one very young child or one very old person with an inspiring statement, make it meaningful so he/she will ponder and it will elicit a response. Both a young child and an older adult value the exchange of language. A young child uses creativity, wonder, and silliness in their words, beginning to elaborate so much whereas an elderly person becomes isolated, lonely, and may not have someone to converse with. Your goal is to take one of the above and say something to he/she that will leave a lasting impression. Poetic, profound if you will. It could be an elderly person you pass on the street or a child you know who wonders about something. Inform teach them something from the one statement. What will you say and to whom?”

7. Indhushree
(Love letter to myself)DONE
"Start if off by writing it to the name of my essence/soul/deepest self. Write it from the place where I am now. Write about how much I have achieved already and the hopes and dreams for my future. Be gentle, tender, and appreciative of myself. Write about how I have missed the times when I was not with myself."

8. Kolleen
(Spread the love) DONE
I have one, t. Take one day and a stack of post its. Write 'you are beautiful' on each one. Put them everywhere, on bus stops, in library books, on mirrors in restrooms, on diner tables. Think that you may change someones outlook just by a simple note from a stranger.

9. Mom
(Make someone else’s b-day special) DONE
"I have been thinking about this for a couple of days.....and think perhaps, since you have always been good at "seeing" who people really are, you might pick someone else with a birthday during this time and send them a real (not e-mail) card with a hand written note telling them why they are special and wished a happy birthday; not a generic happy birthday sentiment but a real "you-are-special-because" verse just for them. Just as I am telling you that you are special because you see the core of people and the value inside of them. I wish you thirty times thirty a happy birthday and successful year. You have added so much to my life and to the way I see the world.
I love you so much,"

10. Ginger
(Lake Shrine) DONE
Ginger has spoken about Lake Shrine with me for as long as I've known her, which is what? 3 years now She's always spoken how it grounds her and is so peaceful. She's offered to bring me there. Btw, some of Ghandi's ashes are actually buried there!

11. Denise
(Contact someone from my past)
"I would like for you to remember someone from your past that has either influenced or encouraged you in some way. You could call or write to them and thank them for what they added to your life."

12. Erin
(Glam Day) DONE
"For your 30th Birthday experiment I would like you to take a day and glam yourself up!! You don’t have to spend any money. Sculpt your hair into a glamorous do and put on some hot makeup! Then go to an ultra-fabulous store and try on something expensive that is way out of this world and that you could never actually buy and take a picture. Most of all just have fun! I can’t wait to see the picture and hope you enjoy yourself! Love you always!!" Erin

13. Shannon
(Reflection) DONE
“Go by yourself someplace that has a lot of meaning to you, whether it be your old school campus, a coffee shop, a certain hiking trail, or even your living room lol. Take a journal with you. First write down 30 people who you are glad are in your life and how they have affected who you are now as a person, and maybe also how you feel you have affected their lives. Then list 30 things you are grateful for, 30 things you feel you have accomplished, and 30 that you still want to accomplish. Then share this with those 30 people that you listed that have made an impact in your life. I just think this would be a nice way to reflect on who you are and where you are in life. :) “

14. Monica
"Ride the biggest roller coaster you can find!" Big hugs, Monica DONE
-Liked Monica's description of her meaning of this ritual. Rollercoast as being symbolic of how I respond to life's challenges. To I grip on tight, do I go with flow and throw my arms up over my head in abandon? P.S. This is one that Brian actually said he would join me on.

15. Lisa F.
(Last day on Earth) DONE
"I think you should do something you've always been meaning to do but haven't had write to an old friend that you wished you had kept in touch with. And if possible, get together and have a cup of coffee w/that will probably bring back memories you forgot you had! Will you send a list to everyone when 30 days are up & tell us everything you did...maybe keep a journal of the experience or a blog that everyone can check during the 30 days...sounds fun, good luck, you can do it! :) If you can't think of anyone to contact, you can write letters to the people closest to you...tell them everything you would want to say if you knew this was your last day on Earth...that could get really emotional!"

Write letters to the people closest to you…tell them everything you would want to say if you knew that this was your last day on Earth…that could get really emotional. (Lisa, I really love this part!)

16. Michelle
(Get to know Cali better) DONE
"I think for one of your days, you should take a day trip to somewhere in CA that you haven't yet been to. I was so surprised to hear that you haven't been around the state that you now call home! You might be surprised on how far you can go round trip in a day. For instance, you can hit up the temecula wineries, you can go shopping at the cabazon outlets, see the cabazon dinosaurs, look at otters in monterey, or do any number of wonderful things in my hometown of San Diego! For this year, I think you should go to the San Diego Zoo. I can hook you up with free guest passes (but you'll have to take me with you.) :)"

17. Jayme (Sister in law)
Romance is in the air DONE
"Hi Theresa, I think that is so neat for you to do this!!! My suggestion would be for you and Brian to take a sleeping bag and find a beach, watch the sunset and then cuddle all night and talk about all the things you love about each other and then in the morning wake early and watch the sun rise. I am glad you are my sister-in-law and I hope that someday we can get to know each other better."

Note:(Jayme love this idea but it might have to be tweaked...CA isn't the safest place to sleep overnight on the beach :) but love the premise. I think watching the sunrise together would be very symbolic as it brings on the new day. It is very meaningful in my process of embracing my future and I'm glad that Brian can be included in this although he might differ when we have to wake up before dawn. Perhaps we can find a near by beach or a hill to watch the sunrise together while we do like you said, talk about all the things we love about each other. Thanks!!

18. Tina
Griffith Park Observatory DONE

19. Tanya DONE
Cleansing and symbolic ritual to encompass the summary of all the rituals.
I was looking for a way to include my husband in this whole process as he has been and will be such a big important part of my life. Tanya suggested that he find something to give me that encompasses all of the things I have done thus far. It could be anything as long as when I look at it, it reminds me of all the lessons I learned and want to remember as I go into the next stage of my life. Tanya also offered to school me in the process of doing a cleanse including some light fasting and purity rituals so I am "rebirthed" in a way.

20. Helena
(Dance by another tune) DONE
Hey hun!I have been thinking and thinking… and I finally came up with something I think you will enjoy. Ok, for your birthday you should try something different. I know you love dance, so you should try out a class you have never done before. Either a different style or type of dance that you have never experienced and that will be a new exciting experience for you. I can’t wait to hear all about it! And I hope you have fun! (Thoughts: I want to try African Dance! It is so without inhibition. You have to put your whole soul and body into it. I've always wanted to really try it. I took a little class during this event called a Taste of Dance a year ago but don't think that really counts as it was only for like 15-20 minutes. The day was made up of lots of short classes of many dancing styles such as Asian fan dancing to Hawiian to salsa to Arican, etc. I can't wait to take a real class in it!)

21. Amy
(Fire Ritual) DONE
Amy introduced the idea of this ritual as one that she did on the winter solstice. She and a group of her friends burned artificats or slips of paper with writing on them that symbolized something that they had accomplished or something that they wanted to cleanse from their lives. Fire is very symbolic because it can either give new life or it can also destroy. Fertile ground is left in its path to grow something new. I am already thinking of what I am proud of and want to embrace and what I want to cleanse from my life as I step forward.

22. Kristen
(Sunset Hike at Paseo Miramar)
Hey Theresa! What an amazing an creative idea!! Thanks you for including me and giving me the opprotunity to give a task.....Well of course, I am sure that you could have guessed that I would send you on a hike.

So, I would like you to take a sunset hike at Paseo Miramar
(I will give you directions). But before embarking on your hike think of old patterns, problems, issues that you would like to release before moving into this new era of your life and at the top of the summit, really let them go. Watch the sunset and then as you return really focus or mediate on the vision that you have for this new period of your life. Enjoy! Namaste!

Note: I am adding to do a primal yell at the top to let it all go. Perhaps I will warn everyone. Don't want to scare anyone :)

23. Kate
(Create beauty) DONE

Happy birthday! haven't heard from you in ages.. sorry it took so long to reply, I only check hotmail sporadically now.

So, my first idea was was to watch some cheezy coming-of-age movie (didn't Janis try to watch 16 Candles 16 times on her birthday?) and then I started thinking of things that you could do 30 of (write down hopes, or accomplishments or something..) BUT my best idea was to make something absolutely beautiful, whether it's an origami flower or a plate of artful food or a painting or a piece of clothing.. Take the time to get every detail just right, whatever you choose to make.

24. Nicole
(What does my life look like?) DONE
I want you to create an image or symbol to represent your life, it can be created using anything you want, paint, collage, crayons, any combination. It should have four parts to it, 2 parts dedicated to the life you have already lived and 2 to the life ahead. The 2 parts for past should be divided between specifics to you and one for family and friends. The life ahead should be the same, one for you and one for family and friends. It can be really simple or complicated, abstract or literal. For example maybe certain colors remind you of feeling a certain way or a flower makes you think of a happy moment with friends, etc. Ok, have fun creating!

25. Andrea
(My Life Story) DONE sort of :) taking me a bit of time to complete
Hey Tess!! I tried to think of something.... I was thinking that your have gone and experienced so much through your whole life! Remember when you and I used to hang out and tell stories all day... I think you should reflect on your awesome experiences and write a little story on how you have grown through your life... the revelations you have come across and challenges you have smothered!! You are strong and persevering! You should show your creative side and write a little story on the landmarks in your life... how they made you feel, etc!!!

26. Holly
(Mosaic) DONE
I have been thinking long and hard about this and finally (with some help from my sister) came up with an idea for you.
As you may or may not know, my favorite artistic medium is mosaic. I find it to be so colorful, expressive, and completely love the tactile experience. Furthermore, it’s a way of setting a memory to stone (tiles at least, ;-). For your birthday celebration I would like to take you to a mosaic class so you can create your own memory commemorating this transition. I will send you a class schedule shortly so we can get something on the calendar.
Thank you so much for including me in this. What a special, unique and wonderful way to celebrate this transition!

27. Janis
(Trip to the mystic redwood forest) Coming up! 15-18th! DONE!
For my b-day Janis and I hoping to go to the redwoods where she has been 3 times and I have never been. I feel a real connection to trees. They always have a way of restoring me. We are hoping to take this mystical journey together maybe the weekend of the 16-17th.

28. Jessica
(Letters for inspiration for the future) DONE
I see that another friend has posted a letter writing activity. I want to suggest you write yourself three letters- one to be opened on your 31st b-day, one on your 35th, and one on your 40th. You can combine ideas from your other friend. What do you want to tell your future self? Congratulate her on another birthday, celebrate her, and share your hopes and dreams. Seal the letters and place them in a special spot to be opened on the aforementioned days.

29. Jessica
(Dancing with myself, la la , dancing with myself - there will be lots of 80's tracks in this solo dance party :) ) DONE
My other activity- dance party with yourself. When you have the house to yourself, get a play list of fun dance songs ready to go and boogie down. Be totally free, playful, and silly. Dance your heart out! Happy soon to be birthday!

30. Lisa
(Be playful)DONE
hey theresa sorry giving this a little last minute been super busy lately, but wanted to make sure y ou got it. Okay here it goes it's kind of a silly one, but you can make it fun. When we had our radio show it I think we called it our diabolical plan and it was to rid the world of bad music! Well remember we went on a couple of secret missions:one at rob and fred's house where we went in(well guess broke in cause they didn"t know) and left a silly letter for them I think it was asking about some earth culture because we were pretending we were from another planet.the other one I can think of we got dressed up to disguise ourselves as secret agents and went to sean's house to deliver a message and a some silly gifts like candy and I think a little hello kitty toyThen we discussed these missions on our show. So I guess it would be funny if you thought of a secret mission to do to someone and then after even though there is no radio show you could post the experience on this site still playing the character that you were when you did it or you could even make a video of it. Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but I thought this was a pretty good idea since when you brought this up it was the first thing I thought of because I remember it was such a funny time and even yes very childish but we definately got kicks out of it

31. Amber
(Love my body) DONE
Do as many of these are you are comfortable with. It helps if you make a playlist of songs that make you feel sexy and play it while doing some of these. When you take off your clothes to take a shower peal them off in a sexy manner, strip seductively just for you. When you take a shower really send positive energy to everybody part that you love to show off. Also in the shower send love to the parts of your body you don't like to show off. When you put on your clothes for the day put them on like you are getting ready for a fancy party. Wear glitter somewhere on your body have glossy lips. With or with out color underneath. Wear heels if that is feasible. When you are done for the night strip seductively again before bed.

32. Lee Lee - Give Forgiveness DONE
1. Give Forgiveness to someone you make not want to, think they deserve it, or someone who isn't even sorry. (This has to be a very difficult one that you may have been conflicted with for awhile)

Random acts of kindness
2. This may take longer than a day..hahahaha... 30 small random acts of kindness. (especially going out of your way to do something for someone when you really don't feel like it) (maybe one small act could be done for 30 days)

Misc Rituals that I created and might do:

Transform Love
This is one ritual I am thinking of doing. My mother gave me a diamond pendant that my father once gave to her. I was thinking of selling it. I sold two other gold pendants that I've had and not worn for awhile. Don't remember where they came from actually but something would not let me sell this one. Even though my parents' love for each other eventually changed,there once was love...I feel like I can't just throw that away. Somehow along with hurt, loss, love was also captured in that diamond stone. I want to find a way to bind the love that is in that stone with the love I feel for my family and my husband. The pendant is a circle of gold and inside that circle is this shining glowing diamond. How can I change the meaning of this necklace so that when the pendant is against my heart all I feel is the love?

Lotus tattoo
Possibly considering getting an opening lotus tattoo on the middle of my back to symbolize awakening, change, renewal. Possibly with a symbol of the heart chakra in the middle or somewhere in it as a therapist I want to remember to keep my heart always open. (I have another blog entry on this blog that I keep updating regarding my adventures of planning to get a tattoo)


Anonymous said...

I see that another friend has posted a letter writing activity. I want to suggest you write yourself three letters- one to be opened on your 31st b-day, one on your 35th, and one on your 40th. You can combine ideas from your other friend. What do you want to tell your future self? Congratulate her on another birthday, celebrate her, and share your hopes and dreams. Seal the letters and place them in a special spot to be opened on the aforementioned days.
My other activity- dance party with yourself. When you have the house to yourself, get a play list of fun dance songs ready to go and boogie down. Be totally free, playful, and silly. Dance your heart out! Happy soon to be birthday!

Saroja said...

Thanks Jessica! This will make a very fun day. I once went to this survival school and had to write a letter to my 17 year old self that I wasn't supposed to read for a year. It was sooo powerful to read it and inspirational. It felt like I was reading a letter from one of my closest friends. I guess that is one of the aims of growing older at least for me, becoming better friends with myself. Thanks and love the dancing idea too!