Friday, June 5, 2009

Finding Your Divine Self Meditation

Very excited to run a group on Sunday at the U.U. church. I decided to discuss about the divine within each of us and how we connect to it. I feel that the divine is within ourselves and that we can connect with it and each other in many ways. For me meditation/yoga are the ways I connect to the deepest part of myself although I feel connected to everything when I am in nature. This group will offer an opportunity for the members to relax and connect to their divine/inner selves. I will give techniques so that they can reconnect with their inner sanctuary when ever they wish to.

What was really lovely was writing it up. I found this really tranquil music on pandora and instead of looking up a meditation just started to write a description related to what I've heard from teachers in the past and what I myself do to meditate and relax. It was really amazing to see what I already know. I did borrow from one meditation which described the inner self like a diamond as I was struggling, trying to think of how I would bring them inside.

So this is the meditation that I created for Sunday, enjoy!

Find a comfortable seated position but try to sit so that you feel your sit bones pressing into the floor, grounding you. Keep the spine straight by imagining a string attached to the top of your head pulling it up. Now let your arms fall so that your palms are face up in a position of receptivity. Close your eyes very gently. Bring your attention to your breath. You might want to put one hand on your
lower abdomen to tune into how your stomach rises and falls on each inhale and exhale. As you breathe in feel your stomach push into your hand, as you breathe out feel your stomach move away. As you notice your breath go in and out slowly feel all the tension melt away from your body on the exhale. Each exhale you are becoming more relaxed and feel lighter. Notice if your shoulders are creeping up towards your ears. Gently raise your shoulders and lower them.

As you continue to breathe slowly and effortlessly, focus inward. Thoughts of the outside world might come in and that’s okay. Try to imagine that your thoughts are like fallen leaves drifting on a river. Notice the thought but let it continue on its way down the river. Come back to your breath. Imagine that you are being filled with a soft warm light. It’s a warm summer day and the warmth and light are streaming in filling your body down to your fingers and toes. Now imagine that in your heart lies a precious diamond. This diamond represents your divine self. Notice how the light which continues to fill you reflects upon all the facets of the diamond, sending little rainbows of color everywhere. Just stay here and let yourself be immersed in your inner beauty which emanates light and love. This is your inner sanctuary where you can come anytime and visit. If you feel so moved
you might want to ask a question or send a message to your higher self. If not allow yourself to rest in this peaceful warmth, knowing that this part of you is always available to you.

Start becoming aware of your body and the room saying goodbye to your inner sanctuary for now knowing that you will return when there is need. Gently place one hand over your heart. Give yourself gratitude for the time that you have taken to focus on yourself. Can you still feel the warm radiating from your heart into your palm? Open your eyes and carry this feeling with you as you start or return to your day.

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