Monday, June 22, 2009

Interview outcome

So not bad! I met with the director of Case Management at Las Encinas who also is in charge of the Assessment and Referall department. Thought it was cool that he basically said I was overqualified for the Assessment position as its just admission paperwork and inquired if I would be interested in doing case management. I would be managing a large caseload of patients in an acute psych unit arranging everything from the minute that they walk in the door to when they are d/c'd and even sometimes beyond that. I would be working with the team and the MD to coordinate all care. I am pretty comfortable with all of that. Its very similiar to what I am doing now. Its in a beautiful beautitul location. There seems to be lots of room to more around however I prob will be committing to doing the case management gig for a year. Its a big decision and Brian and I talked about it. It doesn't pay as well as I'd hoped but will be like a 10% pay increase from what I am currently making. Hoping to secure a part time position at my current job to do some hours on weekends if they need me for documentation etc. If not will try something part time so I can afford to pay back my student loans!
Well the interview itself seemed to go well and even got to meet the team. They seemed to be comfortable with me and were impressed with my experience. It will be hard work but Im going to work my ass off! The director asked me to call him tomorrow so we'll see if they offer me the job!

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Shannon's at the Grindhouse said...

this is so awesome! congrats! you are such a hard worker, and once you commit to things you give it your all. I am sure this will be a great experience for you and you will be amazing at it.