Friday, June 5, 2009

Tattoo is booked!

So I booked my tattoo for July 12th which is a Sunday at 4pm, at zulu tattoo. I'm getting excited now and really like my tattoo artist, Misha. She is an extremely tall blonde covered with tattoos/piercings/and red dreads. She is hilarious and put me at ease right away. She seemed jazzed w/ my idea for my tattoo. The lotus/heart tattoo has now been a bit expanded in that it will be a jeweled heart. I really like that concept as something felt missing. It even ties better into my spiritual beliefs as there is a very sig mantra in Tibetian Buddhism which translates to "The Jewel within the Lotus." Its actually the mantra for compassion which seems very fitting for me and the meaning I had already attached to the tattoo.

So the date is set, the deposit down. I'm really doing it. I'm a little nervous but was so happy to get some books from my friend Erin on what to expect when getting a tattoo. Its really helping to alleviate my worries. Erin got me a whole other book w/ pictures of lotus flowers along with its meaning and poems about the lotus.

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