Monday, June 22, 2009

Off to an interview today

I'm a bundle of nerves but am trying to collect myself. I made a contact through a student at school and got an interview at Las Encinas Hospital. The position appears to entail completing clinical assessments on intake to determine level of care needed. This is pretty in line with what I was doing at Tarzana Treatment Center so I feel comfortable in some ways but I am never comfortable being in a position of having to sell myself. I believe this is an universal feeling amongst many but I know others who just live for interviews and blow them out of the water like my friend Tanya. Sooo off to Pasadena in about 30 minutes. Ahhhhh!!!!


Miss Kolleen said...

I read this as las enchiladas hospital. Good luck at the most delicious hospital in the world!

Saroja said...

Hilarious :)
It went well, wished it was offering more money but its a bit more than I'm getting now and in the mental health field so great! I'm going to try to get something part time too.