Friday, May 29, 2009

The Gifts we Give Ourselves

So my friend Tanya says that everyone should give themselves a b-day present. Think its about valuing yourself, self care, etc. For this b-day I wanted to have something I could take with me and look at every day to remind me of what to hold important. I found this 3 part necklace that was perfect. It has the word grace on it, a heart, and the om symbol. I've been told that I have a grace about me by other people. I feel that the way that you interact with the people/world around you is so important. I want to continue to try to make my interactions full of grace.

elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.
2. a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment.
3. favor or good will.
4. a manifestation of favor, esp. by a superior: It was only through the dean's grace that I wasn't expelled from school.
5. mercy; clemency; pardon: an act of grace.
6. favor shown in granting a delay or temporary immunity.
7. an allowance of time after a debt or bill has become payable granted to the debtor before suit can be brought against him or her or a penalty applied: The life insurance premium is due today, but we have 31 days' grace before the policy lapses. Compare grace period.
8. Skipping 8, related to God/religion
9. moral strength: the grace to perform a duty.

Then there is the heart that reminds me to be compassionate and keep an open heart in my life situations.

The om symbol in sanscript encompasses everything in the world. This will remind me of my connection to the universe, to everything and to everyone.
The om symbol is broken down even further in this pieces
Just as the sound of Om represents the four states of Brahman, the symbol Om written in Sanskrit also represents everything. The material world of the waking state is symbolized by the large lower curve. The deep sleep state is represented by the upper left curve. The dream state, lying between the waking state below and the deep sleep state above, emanates from the confluence of the two. The point and semicircle are separate from the rest and rule the whole. The point represents the turiya state of absolute consciousness. The open semicircle is symbolic of the infinite and the fact that the meaning of the point can not be grasped if one limits oneself to finite thinking.

So I purchased it off of chainreactionjewlery, it should be coming soon. Think its so important to remember to take care of ourselves and our own happiness. Its very funny when I buy things for myself I feel extreme guilt at times. It continues for awhile actually. I wonder where that guilt is from? The perception that I'm not worth it or that I need to save everything I earn? There is a fear of not having enough but also guilt whether I really need something. I try to buy more purposefully and plan it out so I side step some of the guilt but it is still a struggle for me.

Can't wait though for it to come. My gift to myself!

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