Monday, April 13, 2009

Body cleanse

I really have always enjoyed reading and learning the rituals and traditions of other cultures. Native American rituals, pagan rituals, buddhist, hindu, etc... Prob why I am an Unitarian, I am a collector/"gleamer" looking for truth whereever it is.
In a lot of rituals or rites of passage, the individual goes through trials of purifying and pain. One tribe who worshipped the sun would have peole strung up from their pectoral muscles with arms outstreched out to the sun. Sweat lodges, vision quests, fasting. These are all ancient wisdoms that we have taken and modernized in a lot of ways.

The modern world aims at packaging spirituality, promising a profound transformation with a pill. I am not trying to throw up my nose at these practices. I leave myself open minded, but I wonder if following a spiritual fad such as fasting will turn out the way I want. I guess it is about altering my expectations. I don't feel like I can expect after a fast to be transported to the devine.

I used to work at Barnes and Noble and lost count of how many people would come in looking for the pamphlet on the master cleanse. I also live in Southern California so it shouldn't come to much of a surprise. Many nutritionalists believe that such fasts are dangerous as they don't give the body the needed nutrients. On a blog I was reading about the cleanse it actually had people going 2 weeks or more at a time on a diet of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. However some of this time was the easing in and out which allowed for some veggies, juice, broth at the begining and at the end. I am debating on doing this but perhaps for a shorter time then is suggested. The suggested is about 10 days for the beginner. I really can't see myself being able to hold out that long.

Here is the information:

I was thinking of buying a juicer that just does citrus fruit. I used to have a juicer that I got from my sister in law Kristine but I gave it away I believe because it was tough to use and hard to clean. Now I am kicking myself because they are soo expensive. $300 is not a bad price for a good juicer (Definitely can't do that) The citrus juicer is much better, around $15-20 instead. I am worried about the lack of energy that I heard you have, especially since I am usually very active during the week. The experiences range from other people's experiences so it is hard to gauge. I do have friends that have gone through fasts and feel like I need support and guidance through my first one. I am thinking of starting on Monday the
20th. Will start only eating vegetarian closer to the 20th and then will start with broth and juices. Then I will do the lemonade concotion for the rest of the week doing the salt flush prob on Sunday when I can be at home. I still need to find more information about it before I do this. I am hoping to find a sweat lodge or maybe I will look into places where they rent time in a sauna.


Miss Kolleen said...

i know a lot of people who have gone through this cleanse and its been beneficial to them; i for one have always preferred 3-s tep detoxes through health food stores. the last one i used was garden of life. they're fairly helpful.

Saroja said...

Thanks that's helpful. Yeah I think the first time I do it, it would be nice to go somewhere where I can purchase exactly what I will need and can ask questions. What has been your experience with it?