Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thoughts on politics, #1

I was watching the Daily Show last night and John Stewart was responding to allegations and responses from conservatives that Obama is a tyrant and will take all of the rights away from the people. This comes after listening on the NPR that gun and ammo purchases are up since Obama was elected due to the fear that Obama will put stronger restrictions on gun purchases (good!! btw!)

John Stewarts response was hilarious. He named many of the atrocities that Bush initiated. As if Bush wasn't abusing the rights of the people by listening in on phone calls, pushing to even restrict womans' right to have birth control, restricting the opportunities to breakthrough medical treatment, invading countries without the backing from the people. John Stewart made the comment that what the conservatives were experiencing wasn't tyranny but defeat. The conservative party has been so long in power that they don't remember the feeling of not getting what they want. "Its supposed to taste like a shit taco," - John Stewart. What would it be like I wonder to drop some of these people in China or Iran and see how they define tyrany then.

How have things become so extremist between parties? I have been there I suppose, bitter, and angry about Bush's very long 8 years in office. I felt very distanced from my country in a lot of ways. I can understand that there will be extreme hesitation to accept the many changes that are and will be taking place. We can fight against it, pushing against a rock that won't budge or we can find our place in it. Where we are all needed the most to put effort forth to make the immense shift that we absolutely need! The fear that Bush planted into the earth of America will not wash away fast but we need to transform that fear and dare to have a little trust and faith.

For once I feel a budding of trust and faith about my government growing inside for the first time in a long time.

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