Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reactions from Earth Day Event and ideas on "convenience"

So I participated in an Earth Day event at Griffith Park on Saturday, April 18th. All the information I had was it went to 8:30am-2pm and we would be restoring the park r/t some of the fire damage that had occured. The day was blistering hot and when I arrived I signed in and waited to start. I talked pleasantly with some of the volunteers waiting for another 30 minutes before the event started. We gathered around and did some group activities and exercises to get warmed up. We gathered tools, gloves, and bags which we brought with us to the river at the park. It was a dried up river bed full of leaves, logs, and brush. We spent the day raking, bagging, moving brush/logs, and removing trash that ended up in the dried river bed. We went from the begining to the end of the river. With all the many volunteers which averaged over 60 less than 100, we finished the whole thing in 3 hours straight. Many of us were coughing and sneezing at the end of it, sweaty, and dehydrated. But was it great! It was so amazing to work hand and hand with so many people for one vision. I met some amazing, exuberant, caring individuals. I got a really nice gift bag and I prob slept that night the best in a long long time. I went home, took a shower, and slept for about 1 1/2 hours. I then went to a fiesta themed b-day party for my friend's husband complete with catered food: carne asada/pollo asada, rice, frijoles, cheese enchiladas. There was a margarita dispensor, professional videographer, professional dj, bar tender, and a mariachi band. It was a great time but went home very early for me at a party. Got there around 6:30 and left around 9:30. I was asleep a little after 10pm, slept amazingly. Woke up completely awake by 7am and was super productive.

There is something about working with your body that seems so natural. My body took over on instinct to a natural rythm that felt really good. My body wasn't used to it but not that long ago we had to work hard at every task. Doing laundry was an all day thing, using a washing board, wringer, hanging up to dry. Now we push a button. Along with doing good for the earth, wouldn't it be interesting to look at what is truly good for us. Everybody thinks the best thing for us is convenience. Convenience doesn't seem good for either us or the earth. Frozen food creates lots of waste with factories, packing materials, etc. but food that has been preserved, frozen, etc packs less nutrients, more sodium, fat, etc then fresh food. Making everything convenient gives an impression that we need to rush through all of our tasks. What are we rushing away from and rushing towards? Should we rush through all of our daily tasks, etc not truly being alive just to have enough time to watch 3hrs of tv at night? I think past doing good for the earth I will look at what I do to be "convenient." Is it truly good for me or good for the earth?

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I love your posts, they're so thought provoking and inspiring!