Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ritual #4 Spreading the Love

So my friend Kolleen for this ritual had me take a stack of stickie notes and put "you are beautiful" on each one and place theme all over the place. So I wrote them all out the night before. I had to rush to move my car so I wouldn't get a ticket on street washing day so I wasn't able to place the notes too many places in the morning. I placed them on some doors and cars around my neighborhood. When I got to work, I ran around and placed them on some car doors, in the medication room at work, bathroom mirrors, and on computer screens. It was fun to watch people wonder who had done it and I heard that some people thought it was really nice and made them feel good about themselves. One woman said she had never gotten a note like that before. On my way home I had to stop at CVS. I was going to go to the bookstore after to place them in books or something but then I had a thought. I went to the magazine aisle and picked up fashion magazines. I thought, what would be better than picking up a fashion mag, wishing you could look like the air brushed models and turn a page and see "you are beautiful." I took a pic with my phone so I wouldn't be too obvious.

I hope that it did make people stop and smile. Perhaps it will cause a ripple affect around as each person passes on that feeling of love and self acceptance.

Thanks Kolleen!


Miss Kolleen said...

i like how its on a sticker that says "find your inner ugly betty"!

i actually didn't come up with the idea, its a whole movement:


Saroja said...

Its actually funny that one person thought it was a mixed message saying that they were really ugly on the outside but beautiful in he inside. It was such a great activity...thanks for passing it on.