Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Ready!

So I received notice this month that I have been selected as one of the recipients of a stipend provided by LA County Department of Menatl Health (DMH) in the sum of $18,500 to be given in one lump some in exchange for committing for one year to a DMH or DMH contracted facility in an identified high need geographic or service area. I went to an informational session today at Phillip Graduate's Institute and signed a contract agreeing to all the stipulations, etc. What they are providing is pretty amazing. I am in job search mode anyway since I've graduated and not only am I getting paid to look for a job but we are given lots of resources, support, and priority to land a DMH job. The only thing that is a little nerve racking is that I have only 3 months to get a job. If I haven't shown due diligence in trying to get a job in that time span then I have to fork back the money. If I should that I have made all efforts to get a DMH job than I could be awarded an extension. Well my plan is just to go for it and not spend a dime of the money until I get the job. The only other thing that is also a bit scary is if I get fired for perceived poor performance I have to give the money back also. If I'm laid off for budget reasons that is another situation and I would be able to keep the funds. This is an amazing opportunity and I think its the universe kind of telling me not to get too complacent in my routine/job and to start going out and kicking some butt to get a job in the field that I have been studying in for the last 2 years. I feel very blessed and am so amazed that this opportunity has come in exchange for very little effort initially on my part. I filled out an application and wrote some responses to some essay questions about why I would want to be in public mental health. That's it! So I got a lot of return on my buck. I will be recording my experiences in this and am going to really try everything in my power to utilize/maximize this opportunity as much as I can. The universe is calling and I am answering with a " YES I AM READY!"


Miss Kolleen said...

T!! This is fantastic! You should be proud!!! I have no fear that you'll find a job!!

Saroja said...

Thanks :)
It is an amazing opportunity that I need not waste. I created a log today and filled out an application. I'm going to try to do something daily in the job department.