Friday, April 17, 2009

Tentative Schedule for Rituals

April 24th will be my day to kick off for the rituals. I have started to create a schedule at least for the first week.

April 24th
Fire Ritual (Amy)
This ritual will consist of burning artifacts or slips of paper symbolizing things I want to let go of or bring into my life. I think that this would be a great way to start this thing off especially since fire is so symbolic for new beginings. It destroys but also creates a fertile group for new things to sprout up. I spoke to my friend Tanya who has a fire pit in her backyard and can be a witness for the ritual. I will be starting to collect and meditate on what I want to let go of and what I want to set intention to bring into my life.

April 25th
Mosaic (Holly)
My friend Holly is taking me to a Mosaic class which is one of her favorite mediums for expression. I need to think on what I want to create and I'm sure I will gain lots of inspiration from Holly who has done this for awhile. I am so excited that this will be a piece that I will be able to take with me.

April 26th
Reflection (Shannon)
I will seek out a quiet and peaceful place where I can do some reflection at. I have a list of activities to assist me in this reflection that Shannon has given me. I will share the results with all of you.

April 27th
Spread the Love (Kolleen)
This should be fun! I will have a pack of stickies and write "You are beautiful" and stick them all over. Ideas will be car windows, bathroom stalls, mirrors, etc. This will be interesting. I hope this will have a positive domino effect.

April 28th
Act like a kid (Kristine)
Pending good weather, I'll go to the park and run around playing, acting like a kid. Never want to get to serious about life.

April 29th
Dance class (Helena)
Helena wanted me to try a dance class that I've never done before. I've always wanted to do African ever since I saw a class and fell in love with how passionate it is. You have to throw your whole body into it. I scouted and think I have found the place where I will go for it. The dance place is called The Heart and Beat House This studio might become my new home. They have such an abundance of fun and interesting classes, all in one place. There is an African dance class on April 29th that I think I will try first. Then I will be back to try more classes, perhaps Burlesque Ballet, 80's dance, Bellydancing, etc.

April 30th
Not sure yet, but thoughts are
Hiking to a new spot (Meg) or sunset hike (Kristen)
Travel somewhere new (Michelle)


Miss Kolleen said...

weird... i was at my friend's grave today and thought it would be nice to make a mosaic...

see also my blog for how spooky my day was.

Saroja said...

isn't that funny how serendipitous life can be?