Friday, April 24, 2009

Right action

It makes me sick sometimes to see how others respond to responsibilities and how much ego they have. When I am on break at work if I get a call, if someone needs something, or I have someone come by my office. I might have an inner sigh but I will respond and put my needs on temporary hold.

At work just now we were all eating lunch. The wife of the new pt. called just to check on how he was doing. One nurse spoke to me rudely and said
"Don't bother us, we are eating!" I ignored her and let them know that the family was waiting on the other line. 5-7 minutes the phone was beeping because no one had picked it up yet. I peeked out and no one had even budged their fat arses. Thought it was tremendously rude, selfish, and uncaring. "Helping professionals" that are what nurses are often referred to but let me give you the inside track. Nurses are one of the laziness bunch of people that I have ever met. They know how to spring to action when need be but otherwise do as little as possible.

Not all of course but enough that it is really disheartening. It is hard to stay on track with what you need to do and not to be swayed to respond to that kind of behavior or make you wonder why you put in so much effort to offset theirs. I face that kind of attitude in many settings. "Why should I?" "What difference will it make" are some examples of some of this behavior.

I knew this one girl who would throw her soda cans away while there was a can for recyclables a few feet away. I would actually take them out and put them in the recyclabes. She used to say that her and her future children thank me for doing it because she can't remember or have time. It is always that someone else will do it. How emersed into yourself do you have to not realize that every action you make has a reaction. It is your responsibility to deal with the consequences of your actions, period!
But it isn't about them. I can only control my actions and try to inspire others by staying true to what I belive in.

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