Friday, April 24, 2009

(First day) On my path

Today marks the first of the 30 day rituals that I am doing for my 30th birthday. I feel that this is a venture that I will remember for the rest of the day. It might just be another birthday but inside me I feel this shift that is happening. One of my friends who is in her 50's said that she has witnessed these moments in her life where she can feel a real change occuring within her and her life. I feel like this is one of those moments in my life.

I am on my Path
I have been rummaging in the forest with branches tugging at my hair and clothes not knowing which way to go
My eyes unseeing
I have tumbled and scraped my knees and palms until they bled
My throat and skin have burned from thirst and from the sun
I have walked down roads that have led to cliffs and horrors
Weeping and calling for a home I couldn't find
Til I stopped and listened to the voice inside my heart and soul
The forests's song offering a sweet invitation
My bare feet whispered upon the cool untrodden grass
The lids of my eyes softly kissing my eyes until all I see is a soft glow beckoning me closer
I step into a wide open field the sweet breeze drying my tears and sweat and I feel a sense of welcome
I cradle my arms to my heart and raise my head in joy and say thank you thank you
While the first rain drop falls on my forehead and I am bathed in the baptism of renewal
I am ready now I hear in a voice deep inside me that feels more real then my own
I tentatively step forward and the sun breaks through the clouds welcoming me again to myself and my future.

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