Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exposing myself to summer

I know that this doesn't really fit into my blog description including activism, change, etc. but in some ways it is transformative. What is more vulnerable then shedding clothes and exposing people to my white skin. Bathing suits can also be empowering if you feel good and sexy into them. I have never felt truly comfortable in a bathing suit. I have been okay with the top but I will always wear big skirts, etc and shade them just when Im about to jump in the pool. No matter how many crunches I will never have that beautiful flat stomach that I see on bathing suit models. Then I saw the bathing suit style Monokins and fell in love. They are like one pieces that want to be a bikini. Lots of sexy cut outs of material. A lot often cover some of the lower stomach but expose enough other skin to make it still a very sexy look. Here are some examples of suits that I like. I threw in a few one pieces too...

I'd love some advice for those that know me and my style, what would work best. I would be so excited to rock a suit and feel like a beautiful/sexy beach babe.

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