Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Done for now but not done!

So I've completed my 30 rituals for my b-day but this isn't the end of my journey, rather the begining. I still have a lot to share and experience. I will definitely be writing more about what is going on with my life. This has been an amazing time in my life, I have never felt so alive! I feel really honored by all the people that supported me and participated in all my adventures.

I still have some stragling rituals that didn't fit into the 30.

Things to complete
Life Story - Still writing
Sunset Hike, Paseo Mirmar
Maeve is creating a wonderful ritual for me as part of a workshop that she is developing all about finding your voice which is somethign I need to explore.
My adventures of getting my tatto will be forthcoming as well

Heidi just also gave me a ritual to do, Don't know if anyone said this one yet.. But, how about you take a class in artwork one day.. Like pottery or glass cutting.. Make something that is meaningful and artistic.. Then give it to someone to cheer them up.. Hopefully that is a good one for u.. :) Love u and hugs

I will stay tuned to my life.........

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