Monday, May 25, 2009

Ritual #29 Friendship and Celebration!


So today was my BBQ/B-DAY Party for my 30th! When I was thinking about my rituals I was thinking about how I could fit a ritual into a day full of festivity but then I realized the celebration itself is a ritual. We don't always take the time to celebrate the important milestones in our lives. My friend Deborah told me that she has never met anyone that has acknowledged their birthday as much as me. I am trying to do a better at acknowledging important things in my life. I started this by actually keeping a journal that I would only write positive things into, including compliments I might get, things I've earned/accomplished/or overcome. It is difficult to change our instinct towards negative thinking. We have created pathways in our brains from persistent worry/anxiety, so it is difficult to maintain a focus on what is good in our lives.

My b-day celebration was more than about my b-day. It was an example of how I hope I can treat myself, be truly alive, and acknowledge the important things I have accomplished.

I am also aware now about letting my friends know how much they all mean to me. It was so amazing to have everyone there sharing in the day. I have amazing supportive friends and each of them are a truly gift to my life.

A lesson I did learn this b-day too is to let go more and let others do for me. Sometimes I feel I've got to do it all. My friends completely came through and brought great food and everything. I bought a cake for the party not knowing that Brian was going to get one for me. He picked out the perfect thing. It was a plate f cupcakes but the top was made up with leaves, flowers, fairies, butterflies, and other things. It was like a whimsical forest of confectionery sugar. It was perfect and Ginger told me that Brian had said, "Doesn't this just scream Theresa?" I have learned more and more that I can count on people to come through.

It was as amazing celebration of where I am now, in this moment now and all the things I will do. My friends being there, bringing presents/food is like a blessing or wish for my continued happiness. I bring the gifts of good friends/family into the future with me. And the future looks bright.

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