Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ritual #13 If it was your last day on earth..what would you say?


My friend Lisa suggested I write letters to people to let them know everything I feel towards them as if it was my last day on earth. I ended up speaking on the phone with people and others face to face which made the process I believe more powerful then in a letter. It was very emotionally charged.

I love how these rituals are unfolding. I might have a vague idea of my options for rituals in a given day but then circumstances fall in to place and steer me in a certain direction. For instance I got a call from my brother who ended up telling me some difficult things that he has been facing lately. I suddenly told him how proud I am of him and that when ever I talk about him I am full of pride and tell everyone how artistic, smart, talentated, and wonderful guy my brother is. I told him I would always admire him and that he could never let me down. It was very powerful to open up and tell him how I truly feel about him. In addtion I feel that he needed the support in that moment that he has so much value and so much to give. His struggles didn't make him any less in my eyes.

I went over my friend Portia's to bring her some boxes as she is moving. I turned to her and told her how much I value her advice and her opinions. That she sees things how they truly are and has true wisdom. I let her know how grateful and happy I am that she is my friend and that she let me into her world. We got a little teary eyed or maybe that was just me and hugged.

My good friend Janis called later to talk about our upcoming trip to the redwoods. I let her know that I will always consider her like a little sister and that she has a very special place in my heart. I admitted that I am very protective of her like a bigger sister and will always watch out for her.

It was remarkable the turn of the days events. I feel very grateful that I had the the opportunity to do this. Actually we always have the opportunity to tell people how we truly feel. We truly only have the present moment. Take this moment to tell the people in your life how you truly feel about them.


Miss Kolleen said...

This is a tough one. If it were my last day on earth, I would take an hour to write a quick note to everyone that means the most to me and tell them what they mean to me. Then I would spend the entire day with aidan. And I'd even let him chew gum!

Saroja said...

It was pretty intense/emotional to be completely real and open. Felt amazing though. Give the kid some gum! jk :) Your a good mom watching out for his teeth.