Friday, May 15, 2009

Ritual #21 My life is symbolized by

This is my friend Nicole's description of the ritual. She herself is an incredible artist and was so lucky to get this inspired idea from her:

"I want you to create an image or symbol to represent your life, it can be created using anything you want, paint, collage, crayons, any combination. It should have four parts to it, 2 parts dedicated to the life you have already lived and 2 to the life ahead. The 2 parts for past should be divided between specifics to you and one for family and friends. The life ahead should be the same, one for you and one for family and friends. It can be really simple or complicated, abstract or literal. For example maybe certain colors remind you of feeling a certain way or a flower makes you think of a happy moment with friends, etc. Ok, have fun creating!"

So I really felt like I wanted to start on this one yesterday although I had to pack for my trip to San Francisco. I decided to sketch my inital concept for the sybols. I broke the piece of paper in four parts. For the past for me I started to sketch a sun rising, cresting the horizon and spreading over the ocean. I felt that my time has been coming but that I am suddenly now here. I am here where I want to be and am starting out on the sunshined days of my life. For friends/fam in the past I sketched being carried by someone, by piggypack. Before I feel that I relied on others too much. For validation, support, etc. I am independent in the general sense but emotionally dependent on others. Dependent on others for my own happiness. Now I can say that I take responsibility for my own happiness more. That's the only truly way that you can be. For my present/future I drew out hands making a heart with fingers within a heart. I feel that I am more grounded now and at peace with my purpose. I can give myself more love and those around me more now. This is the place I want to be and stay. The last with my friends/fam for present/future I drew out the same picture that I did for my mosaic. I have a flower arching up to a beautiful warm glowing sun. Friendship/family are like sun in my life. It makes me happy, warm, and healthy. Even though we have a close connection, flower/sun we are also seperate from one another and have our own needs.

When I get back I will paint this out and put more time into it.

Thanks Nicole!

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