Monday, May 4, 2009

Ritual # 10 Riding the ups and downs of life


Although part of yesterday at Magic Mountain/6 Flags I was slightly cursing my friend Monica's name for getting me into riding roller coasters I had a great time.
Monica's ritual for my b-day was ride the biggest roller coaster I could. What instantly came to mind was the roller coaster, Goliath at 6 Flags which has the biggest drop.

Check out the ride on the spinge tingling scary ride that is Goliath here:

The roller coaster ritual was more than just to have fun but a greater metaphor for life. Roller coaster is like life with its ups and downs. As you click up the hill you don't really know what will happen. You can't see past the tracks in front of you. How do you respond to those unforseen forces? Do you hold on tight with your eyes closed,clenching at the bar or do you throw up your arms in surrender. Do you let go of control of forces that are not in your ability to control. It was interesting to notice my reaction. I got nervous everytime getting on the ride. I am an eyes closed holding on for my life type of roller coaster rider. I tried to let go of some control and enjoy it more. This being symbolic of how I want to let go more in my life and enjoy the trip.

Brian and I also had a great time together as an added bonus. We got a chance to be silly and goofy with each other which is always great. We rode about 7-8 rides and went home tired but happy.

I hope that after this ritual I can start to approach challenges and surprises in my life with more curiousity/excitement/and a carefree attitude. The ride is what is important, not the destination.


Miss Kolleen said...

its funny, because as i get older, i cant tolerate rides like i used to- i took aidan on the teacups at canobie and thought i was going to throw up-- but i can still do roller coasters. maybe coz they don't spin?

however, i have an intense fear of looking like i am having a good time. i know its ridiculous, but i feel a fool when i am having a good, carefree time. i think because i am so serious a lot of the time; i find it hard to be a kid again. i'm so glad you had a good time!

last time i went to six flags was in 2003 and i was burnt to a crisp. i went with the charlestown boys and girls club as a volunteer chaperone and took 4 kids on the batman rollercoaster. it was rad.

Saroja said...

Yeah we felt old too. We rode a bunch but had to take breaks in between so we didn't feel sick. Ha I didn't get the serious thing from you. You always look fun loving and happy.

Miss Kolleen said...

Its just an amusement parks.