Friday, May 1, 2009

Ritual #8 Solo Dance Party

Ahhh so this was a blast! My friend Jess gave me the idea of having my own private dance party. I got my dance clothes and set my computer to the pandora radio site which plays music for free. I have an 80's dance party station that I played first. I ran around my living room, pumping my fist in the air, rocking out with the 80's. My cats ran startled out of the room at first. I absolutely love 80's music and closed my eyes and rocked out to Tears to Fears, Depeche Mode, Cure, etc. 80's music just has this fun side but also a darker seductive side too with the more industrial 80's music.
Dancing tonight reminded me of when I was younger and I would blast the radio and dance around my room. There is just such a freeing experience of completely letting go without worrying how your body looks or is moving. Sometimes when I'm out in clubs I can get that feeling of utter abandon and just dance my heart out but sometimes I end up being more reserved than I want. This was just a freak show! I think someone would have committed me if they saw me dancing! :)
I jumped around, leaning against walls, sauntering around the room, falling back against furniture. I found another really great station on the pandora station called erotica underground. It's electronica but with tribal undertones/beats. It's really good. Some more African some more Indian inspired. I grabbed my coin skirt for bellydancing and a wrap that I used as a veil. I shimmied, shaking it all over the place. I have an exercise ball and I ended up rolling around on it on my back to the music for a bit. That was fun! I was just trying to be completely free and allow myself to be inspired. I even did a somersault. Ouch my head hurts a little from that but it was worth it. I actually had a really good time, sweated, got a good workout, and felt silly/carefree. It was a great way to complete the workweek.

It makes me miss all the impromptu dance parties we would have at our apartment when we were in college. But I know that I can have my very own impromptu dance parties whenever I want now!

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