Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ritual #15 Glam Day!


My friend Erin's suggestion was to have a day where I went and just felt womanly and glamorous. Do my makeup, hair up, and go to stores just trying on fancy and sexy clothes.

With my friend Amy we went to our nearby mall. Hilarious that Amy has been living in the area for a few months and hadn't realized that the mall was there. Now that she knows we prob will be frequenting it more. Yay I have a shopping buddy. We went first to Macy's and were trying to scout out some makeup counters in the hope that they would offer to do our makeup for us. Unfortunately this was not the case so we went off to Sephora where we just walked around and did our makeup with all the samples that were present. That was a lot of fun.

Next we went on a search for clothes. We stopped at Betsey Johnson first and I tried on some fun party dresses. They asked for what occasion and I said my 30th b-day which is not a lie. Anyway that was a lot of fun. I really liked the green one and was amazed that the girl could zip it up. It seemed small but when she zipped it up it hugged me perfectly. Those dresses are like corsets so they are meant to be snug. I have one in the closet. I love it so much and am looking for an opportunity to wear it again.

Amy didn't want to try anything on there so we went to this store that only sold black and white clothes. I found one dress I really liked. I liked how it worked on my waist. We were posing and being silly. Love Amy's sneakers in her pic! So then off we went to this store that sold all really fancy dresses. It was so fun because we just grabbed dresses that we would never wear really to try on. Then we had our own little fashion show.

I found really glam and had such a fun time. Loved the leopard one and the gray and black one. We had such a good time being girly and feeling fabulous about ourselves.

Thanks Erin!


Miss Kolleen said...

its too bad that you dont live near here; iwould have done your make up! ~benefit~

Saroja said...

That's right. I saw a benefit makeup counter in Macy's. I want to find one that has the brow bar, whole store. It looks like fun!

Saroja said...

Shoot looking at this post I really love that gray and black dress. I might need to buy it. :)

Anonymous said...

Tess you looked great! You did a good job with your makeup. Sorry you had to do it yourself, but great job! I loved that black,gray dress also. I think maybe you will have to buy it, but of course I loved the green dress and the black/purple ones the best!! Just my style. I am so glad you had such a great time and could share it with your friend. Hope the rest of your rituals go just as well and you have lots of fun. Miss you, but looking forward to July.

Saroja said...

Thanks Erin!! It was soo much fun!