Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ritual #22 Messages for the future


So I have returned from my trip to the redwoods that took place from 5/15-5/18. I'm trying to get all my rituals posted for the days that went by. So on Friday I decided to do the ritual of writing to my future self. My friend Jessica asked that I write a letter for me to open when I am 31, 35, and 40. In the letter I should congratulate myself on my accomplishments and then everything I hope for myself. I ended up finding time on my flight to San Francisco to write a letter.

It was interesting to think of where a year would take me. Every year up to now I can count numerous things that have transformed my life. Even looking at this past year. This isn't the letter I've written (that I will have to wait a year to share but here are some thoughts for myself a year from now).

I was going to grad school, working and completing my internship. I completed my internship, graduated with my masters in clinical psychology, and got awarded a stipend through LA County DMH. I have grown closer to my husband, have made closer connections with friends since having time again to life my life free of the chaos of school. I have also gotten to know myself a lot more, inside and out. Through self awareness activities in school, through the challenges I've faced, the friends I've interacted with more, and the rituals I'm doing leading up to my 30th birthday. I've supported friends, family through hard times and they have supported me. Especially through a period of depression. My friends and family where right by me and I also pulled myself out of it. I have watched endless movies, fantastic books, and become more environmentally and politically active. I started to get back in touch with the things that are important to me this past year. I feel that this past year I have truly seen what is important in my world and shifted my sites to how I will achieve them. I've controlled my spending and am starting to regain my financial footing. I think I am on a good track. I am stronger now than I have ever been and know that this coming year when I am 31 I will only be stronger for it. I am walking into my 30's with my head held up high proud of what I have achieved and what I know that I will achieve in this coming year!!!

Due to running around I wasn't able to write a letter for my 35th or 40th. I was thinking of writing one every year for the year ahead but also like the idea of hearing the voice of my younger self focusing back on my values and what is truly important in case I have gone astray of them. Also to validate how far I have come and what I have achieved is so important. So after my rituals I think I will get to writing the one for my 35th and 40th.

Think this is a good way to take a barometer of where I was in my life. If you look back at some of your old writing you might be surprised about some of your strong feelings on some subject or another. Wow, listen to how important this was for me back then. You can have some sympathy for that younger self or smile with fondness of some beautiful hopeful sediment that you forgot you felt. I have journals filled with things like this from my past. Perhaps I will have a chance to share some of it in this blog.

Find ways to remember what is truly important to you...

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