Monday, May 25, 2009

Ritual # 25 Griffith Observatory


Many of these recent rituals seem to be related. Going to the redwoods, hiking in nature, looking and speculating about the stars and space, and tomorrow watching the sun set over the ocean. When we are caught up with our every day we might not feel the oneness that we are a part of. Our troubles and individual worries take precedence. When I am in nature or considering where I really am in the great scheme of things I feel actually more at ease. I feel a sense of calm that I am not alone. I know that I will return to this "oneness" when I die.

I was considering the other day about the soul. A lot of debate has gone on about this concept generally between the scientific world and the religious world. When I think about it though, why would we want an undying soul? The greatest sense of peace that I experience is when I feel connected and a part of everything around me. I look around and see that all my atoms, flesh are connected to earth and space. Reconnecting to it feels like the ultimate goal. I feel like this would be the ultimate love versus still being a separate sentient being.

As I explored the Observatory with my friend Janis, I learned such facts as after the big bang it took billions of years before there was any sign of life. This puts our lives in such perspective. The world was waiting around for life to begin, longer than life has actually been alive. We met this really informative staff member that showed us the globe of the moon and how lakes/oceans are named and plotted even though they are not conventional water bodies. We got to hold a meteor rock, and I was told that it will be the oldest thing I will ever touch. I wonder what mysteries and other strange worlds the rock could share if it could communicate with us. We went up to the observation deck which overlooked all of LA and we of course could see the Hollywood Sign further off.

We were trying to take pictures but they were coming out fuzzy. A boy named Peter from Denmark let us use his tripod and we got some amazing pics. We talked with him and his friends for awhile after. They actually were traveling through America but mostly the western part. They started in Canada, went down to CA, and was going to be on their way to Vegas. I guess things are as bad or worse in Europe. They were young in their 20's and couldn't find work there. In some ways it was good to know that America is not alone in this struggle. Perhaps there is hope that the world will come together to pull ourselves out of this economic downfall.

Overall this experience helped me to see although I might have a small place in the world, I claim a part of it and can have an impact. As it takes such small things in space/time to create something entirely new.

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