Monday, May 25, 2009

Ritual # 28 Making Mischief


So in college my friend Lisa P. and I would get in these silly moods where we would play pranks on friends. Such as try to deliver things to our friends' houses undetected or sneaking in to their place to shock them, etc. Lisa and I also had our own radio station that we called Our Diabolic Plan. On our show we gave updates on our little missions and pranks.

I also would pull other pranks/missions like the time when I sneaked my friend Amber into a closed building in school so she could have the first look at who made the cast of a play that she had auditioned for. We used our cellphones as walk-e-talkies. It was pretty hilarious...

For Lisa P.'s ritual for me she asked that I plan and act out my own mission. Think this is important to continue to have a sense of humor and a playful nature. I racked my brain though to think of what I could plan. I had been borrowing my neighbor Ginger's vacuum for a few days to clean and get my place ready for my b-day party. I was thinking I had to return it to her but was also thinking about wanting to pull a prank/carry out a mission with someone. Presto! I got it.

I dressed Ginger's vacuum up with this ugly long red wig. Over it I put this silly striped winter hat and then donned a long striped scarf. I also wrote a note saying, "Your vacuum missed you." I sneaked downstairs to see if she was home. She was! I had a key to her place and had thought about just leaving it for her but now that won't work. So very very carefully I picked up the huge heavy vacuum. I carried it down a flight of stairs going very slowly to not make a noise. I placed it delicately down on Ginger's door mat, knocked really loud and then jumped around the corner. I heard the door open, Ginger laughing, and then calling out "Ok, where are you?" I jumped back into sight and we brought the vacuum in together to her place, still laughing.

Ginger said she got a good kick out of it and made her laugh. It was fun to be silly and not take things too seriously.

Ginger will be sending me a picture of Bissel, the vacuum as we like to call her so I'll post a pic of it soon!

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