Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ritual #9 Lake Shrine

Since I've known my friend Ginger, she's always raved about this place called Lake Shrine. Its part of the Self-Realization Fellowship and was dedicated by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1950. So on this beautiful Saturday morning we headed out to Lake Shrine. It is a lovely and serene sanctuary in the middle of a busy city. I for one didn't even know that it existed and have driven past its entrance numerous times. When you enter on the grounds it almost feels like you enter an alternate dimension. They ask you to leave your cell phones off and to respect the quiet of the temple grounds. Without external noise and extraction, you can truly to take in the beautiful scenery around you and create inner stillness within yourself. We sat on a bench overlooking the lake taking in everything around us and being at peace. We were able to leave everything outside the grounds and just feel full of bliss and joy. We could take off our masks and the heaviness that I feel that we all carry around with us.

The grounds are full of gorgeous flowers of every kind. Roses, bushes, all types of greenery. There is an area dedicated to Gandhi as some of his ashes are actually held here. A little boathouse is tied up where Paramahansa Yogananda would stay at times. There were these koi that were bigger than any fish I have ever seen and in so many colors. There are pellets which you could feed the fish with. I was amazed how all the lake life lived together in harmony. The koi, turtles, ducks, and swans were all swimming around together vying for pellets. It was remarkable to see. There also seems to be doves that were hand raised that live around and stay near the lake.

We walked inside and meditated for awhile. I felt these very strong vibrations while inside. It was very powerful. We stayed there for awhile and felt very at peace when we left.

I think it is wonderful to have such a friend who you can laugh uncontrollably with but also sit together in contended silence.

We went to the shop and met up with Ginger's cousin Katrina who works there. She is very sweet and peaceful herself. It was very nice to meet her.

Then with our stomachs growling we stopped at Sonny Mcleans which is this great Boston themed bar on Wilshire. Got some great fried food and beers. Think that topped off the day.

It is so amazing to know that Lake Shrine is somewhere close to home that I can go when I need a little more grounding and peace in my life.

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