Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ritual # 14 Create Beauty


There is something so special on focusing all of your energy on one thing and getting lost in the details. Creating something out of nothing. Today's ritual was to create something beautiful from my friend Katie. She said it could be anything not just by drawing/painting but also could be cooking, playing music, etc. When you think it there are so many moments when we have the opportunity to fully get into your own creations.

So I have been speculating about my lotus tattoo that I want to get for awhile now. Its been in my head and I have not seen anything that matches what I see. So I decided to give it a try and draw it myself.

It's an unfolding lotus flower. Its symbolic for overcoming struggle, the continued work towards awareness/spirituality, and the unfolding of my heart. There is a heart in the middle shining out of the lotus flower as the petals peel away.

This is just pencil but I would like to add color later perhaps. The actual tattoo will have a purple lotus flower possibly with some yellow, the heart red, the leaves green.

This was a very nice process to create reminds me to take a look at all my endeavors and try to slow down and make them a creation of beauty.

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