Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ritual #12 Love My Body

Amber's Ritual:
Do as many of these are you are comfortable with. It helps if you make a playlist of songs that make you feel sexy and play it while doing some of these. When you take off your clothes to take a shower peal them off in a sexy manner, strip seductively just for you. When you take a shower really send positive energy to everybody part that you love to show off. Also in the shower send love to the parts of your body you don't like to show off. When you put on your clothes for the day put them on like you are getting ready for a fancy party. Wear glitter somewhere on your body have glossy lips. With or with out color underneath. Wear heels if that is feasible. When you are done for the night strip seductively again before bed.

I got up and had a very luxurious and pampering morning. I took my time getting ready for my shower and spent time in the shower thinking about how I feel about my body. I spent awhile washing every part sending love to it, even the parts that I don't like as much like my butt and thighs :)This is my body and it does so much for me. It deserves and I deserve to love every inch of it.

I found it interesting how my mind kept pulling away from the task at hand. Usually I spend time in the shower thinking about the day ahead, etc. Anything and everything but myself. It was a very different and special experience to just take the time to think and spend time on me. I was silky and sweet by the time I finished my shower. Then for an added luxory I got my body butter out which is an exotic mix with jasmine in it. I spread it head to toe and still feel enveloped in a soft sweet cloud of sensuality. After my shower I took some time picking out my sexiest underwear and putting on each clothing item. I put on a cute flirty red skirt, black shirt, and black pumps. Its Cinco de Mayo so the look was kind of Spanish inspired. Then I moisturized my face and put makeup on.

I feel that it is so important to take this time today to cherish my body. I am starting to become more aware of my body as I get older. I am more aware of what it needs. This includes eating well and exercising but also includes things that make me feel good about myself and my body such as trying fun/sexy clothes that I feel good in and dancing. Dancing is the optimal way for me to feel empowered and good in my body even if its only on my own.

As a budding therapist I keep coming back to body image/self esteem/empowerment issues with young girls. My work in grad school includes creating such events as a Film Festival for girls w/ movies that are empowering for young girls or raise important issues. Also created a workshop called "Loving What I See" for young girls to challenge their views on their body. This is on top of being a girl scout myself and a girl scout camp counselor. I have friends that have had challenges with eating disorders and those that have a day by day struggle. I ask the question, What is wrong with our society that we are still producing girls that feel bad about themselves and engage in these destructive behaviors? What can we do as a society to prevent this?

It starts with me though and how I feel about myself. I need to feel good and accept myself completely first before I expect to do any work with anyone to assist them in accepting themselves.


Miss Kolleen said...

I would find this challenge very difficult. And that makes me sad.

Saroja said...

Maybe if it feels okay with you, to start doing this slowly. Instead of trying to give love to your whole body, each day you could pick just one. Give love, gratitude for everything it provides for you, and compassion. You could notice what comes up for you when you think of that body feature. Realize which thoughts that come into your brain are something that you truly believe or if it is messages that you have been given by media or others. Choose to let go of those neg beliefs if they do not serve you.
Starting from the features you might feel more comfortable working up to those that feel more challenging for you.

geopsych said...

I am inspired by you taking this on whole heartedly. I imagine the resistance that could come up about loving oneself. It seems so counter-intuitive to resist full love and appreciation for self-including every part of our bodies. I have compassion for my body when I stop and think about how poorly I treat it and how it serves me well despite that.

Saroja said...

Thanks! I feel like its re-owning yourself. When I was little I was full of joy about life and in wonder with my body and the abilities I had. As I grew older I came across comments from people and messages from society/family/media etc on how I should be. Now as I am older I can start to re-own my body and myself, truly accepting myself, and rejecting the negative beliefs that were ingrained previously in my psyche.