Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ritual # 18 Keeping a beginner's/childlike life perspective


So today I went to the park to play on the swings and playground per my sister in law's ritual request. It was pretty funny. First I cased the park near where I live. I must have looked a bit odd. I just got out of work and had this fun red/polka dot dress and high red heels on. I checked out the scene and the place was packed. I decided to come back later when I wouldn't be so conspicious. I did some errands, changed, and then went by the park around 8pm. There were still people around so I wasn't alone, that would have been just plain creepy. There were some kids still playing, some sports going on, people walking the track. So I just made a bee line for the swings. As I got on and start to pump my legs I soared higher and higher. As I went up I let my legs swoosh up high. I looked up at the few stars I could see in the sky. I felt very giddy and free.

Suddenly all my responsibilities were on hold. I just enjoyed the feeling of the air on my skin as I swung. It brought me back to thoughts of when playing was my only full time job. Recess, snacks, naps, bff's, make believe where swing sets became time machines, forts made out of sheets under the table or in the woods, hot summers spent outside running in the sprinklers and sucking on popsickles, and reading on the porch with my cat laying next to me. When I was young, days crawled by. The concept of boredom is such a foreign one now. If I have time to read or watch tv for an hour I feel blessed. Although I have more and more responsibility now, what I learned in childhood is still so important. Take enjoyment in life's wonders. Don't take anything for granted. Live every day like its the only one. Enjoy the simple things. Take pride in your accomplishments. Your friends and family are the most important things. Be silly, laugh, make friends easily. Be open to new experiences. Be excited for every night to dream and every day to have more adventures!

What lessons do you feel you carry with you from childhood?

As I slowed down my swinging to a halt I had an impulse to twist the chains as we did when we were younger so after you twist it until it can't go any further you let go and you spin around. I just giggled to myself. I looked over at the slides and wonder if I dared. It was a tiny slide and wouldn't I look silly? I said screw it, ran up and threw myself down the slide. I laughed and then took my time heading out of the park.

It was really peaceful swinging. Something I would do at recess daily when I was younger but now I am racking my brain to think of the last time I might have played on the swings/playground. I think I need to make it more of a habit :)

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