Monday, May 11, 2009

Ritual # 16 Sunrise Ritual with My Beloved


This is one ritual that was somewhat unique in that it spread between two days. On Saturday the 9th I prepared a list of things I love about my husband Brian. Then we got up on Sunday before the sun rose to go watch the sunrise together. While we were watching the sun rise in the sky we would share with each other what we loved most about one another. Think that the sunrise is a powerful time to make an intention. By expressing our love to each other during this time, it stregthens it.

So Brian actually stayed up all night playing video games as he said it would be harder to go to bed and get up. He woke me up at 5:30. The internet said that the sun would rise at 5:55. We threw clothes on and stumbled into the coolness/darkness of early morning. Because we are in the valley we searched for a spot where we could even see the sunrise. Brian drove us to the Skirball exit and we ended up driving up to a higher bridge over the highway. We parked and shivering went out to the bridge to watch the sunrise. It was cloudy however so we couldn't really see the sun. The signs that the sunrise was coming was the lighter sky and the increase of birds singing. I took out my journal and read from it all the reasons why I love this man more than anyone. Things like that he tells me he loves and kisses me on the head before he goes to sleep even if I am asleep. He pulled me close after I finished with my list and I rested my head in the croock of his shoulder as he went on about how he felt about me. It was very sweet and powerful....Things we agreed upon were that we let each other be individuals. We give our opinions to one another but we respect each other's individuality also. Think this is such a healthy thing. We have a very good balance of time spent w/ each other and time on our owns. But we are also very lucky to genuinely like to spend time with each other and each other's friends. Although we might do things seperate some nights. We can hang out together in a group of friends and have a great time w/ one another. We support one another's dreams and respect each other's talents. We celebrate rather then resent each other's accomplishments.

I look at my past relationships and am so amazed that I am genuinely in a mature, mutually supportive/caring/loving relationship. I feel so lucky.

Brian and I after went to Ihop at 6am because we were both starving. So strange to be there without the crowds on a Sunday morning. There were only 2 cops in the restaraunt with us. We had a good time, filled our bellies, and then went back to bed.

What a perfect way to welcome the day by expressing our love for one another.


Miss Kolleen said...

How beautiful. Its so easy to accidentally take your loved one for granted, especially when real life consumes you. Jinx and I try to remind each other that we love each other so much every day, but you have inspired me to let him know a little more. Someone is waking up to a surprise letter tomorrow!

Saroja said...

Thanks, oooh let me know how it goes.

Miss Kolleen said...

he was very teary eyed and appreciative of it. yay!

Saroja said...